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PEPSO has just laucnched its newest report, The Precarity Penalty: Employment Precarity’s Impact on Individuals, Families and Communities and What to do about It . Read the full report and report summary below.

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Full Report

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Click here to download the full 2-day conference agenda from PEPSO’s Precarity Penalty launch event that took place in Toronto May 21-22, 2015.

Speaker presentations from the day have also been made available for download, and are listed below.

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  • Wayne Lewchuk and Michelynn LaflecheThe Precarity Penalty (PDF | PPT)
  • Rod JonesEmployee Selection, Training, Development & Certification (PDF | PPT)
  • Ken DelaneyHSTAC & Other Training Consortia in Ontario (PDF | PPT)
  • Will StrattonEmployer Practice Makes a Difference (PDF | PPT)
  • Erin HattonHow Temp Work Became the Norm … And Where to go from Here? (PDF | PPT)
  • Heidi GottfriedPrecarity in Work and Life: Forging a New Reproductive Bargain (PDF | PPT)
  • Fran BaumWho benefits and who loses from less secure forms of employment? (PDF )

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  • Tom CooperLiving beyond the minimum — The Hamilton Living Wage Initiative (PDF | PPT)
  • Dena WarmanCity of Toronto Job Quality Assessment Tool (PDF | PPT)
  • John ShieldsPrecarious Undertakings: Nonprofit Work, Funding and Communities at Risk (PDF | PPT)
  • Grace-Edward GalabuziImpact of High Levels of Precarity on Urban Neighbourhood Economies and Particular Populations in Peel (PDF | PPT)
  • James NugentChallenging Precarity through Community Benefits Agreements (PDF | PPT)
  • Serene Tan and Kaylie TiessenState of Ontario’s Minimum Wage (PDF | PPT)
  • Sehr AtarLike Wonder Women, Goddesses and Robots: How Racialized Immigrant Women in Toronto are impacted by and respond to Employment Precarity (PDF | PPT)



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