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Precarious Work in Toronto Public Library: Toronto’s Challenge


Despite their exceptional education and dedication to public service, 50 per cent of Toronto Public Library’s front line workers are consigned to precarious part-time jobs with unstable working conditions, no benefits, pension or job security. This video exposes the growing extent of precarious work through revealing interviews with library workers, their union’s president, Maureen O’Reilly, a Toronto City Councillor and Youth & Equity Advocate Joe Cressy, and pioneering McMaster University labour economist Wayne Lewchuk.

Who is Working for Minimum Wage in Ontario?

wellesly report

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Social Movement Unionism and Union Renewal: A Study of the CAW-CEP Merger

Brendan Robertson

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Access Alliance releases two new films linking insecure employment to health 

“Bad Jobs are Making Us Sick” draws on research participant quotes to tell a powerful story of how insecure jobs affect individuals and families. “Just Wait for our Call: The impact of temp agency work on health” features interviews with temp agency workers, advocates, researchers and service providers and calls on policymakers to take action to address the health effects of temp agency work on racialized newcomers.


These films show how newcomers in Toronto are working hard to keep their families healthy, while insecure jobs create more health problems. Low paying jobs with unreliable hours make it hard for families to cover basic expenses like rent and food. Insecure jobs often aren’t leading to stable jobs: people get trapped in a cycle of insecure, temporary work.

The films are based on research from the Income Security, Race, and Health group.  More information about the films is available on the Access Alliance website.

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